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Friday, February 6, 2009

Proud to pour Driftwood Ale

Pizzeria Prima Strada began pouring new local brewery Driftwood, Driftwood Ale on tap a few weeks ago. Described as a perfect marriage of Northwest and German hops balanced with cotton candy malt notes and a hint of fruit courtesy of Driftwood's own special yeast. Also in the fridge - Driftwood Blackstone Porter - a London-style porter distinguished by a bittersweet chocolate character derived from the delicate balance of a traditional sour mash and a blend of select black and chocolate malts.

Lovely descriptions - bottom line, the beers taste great and even better with Prima Strada pizza!

Three local guys with a lot of passion create Driftwood beers (reminds me of a few other passionate creative people I know). http://www.driftwoodbeer.com/
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