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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Il Caffe

After a young maiden led thirsty soldiers to refreshment at a clear spring in the hills beyond ancient Rome, the prized Aqua Virgo (virgin water) was harnessed and pumped through aqueducts to supply the newly erected Pantheon. This supports the claim that the best coffee in Rome-or Italy for that matter- is to be found in the bars of this neighborhood, where the faucets still run with the same precious water.

In Victoria, Prima Strada lays the claim to the best coffee on the island along with Drumroaster (our supplier) in Cowichan Bay. The Drumroaster imports fair-trade coffee directly from small harvest farms in South America and Africa. The aroma and taste is a feast for the senses.

Biciclette in Italia e Victoria

The Italians seem to be in love with bicycling. Just take one look on a Saturday or Sunday on the Via Cristoforo Columbo loop out of Rome to Ostia and back. Custom bikes from all over Italy pack the road.

But most Italians haven’t been to Victoria where, indeed, biking seems to be even more prevalent. And you’ll never find the Galloping Goose or Lochside trails in Rome.

And guess what? This year, in the world’s marquee bike race, the Tour de France, Victoria’s own Ryder Hesjedal finished in 7th place. Not only is this an amazing athletic feat in itself, but he placed higher than any Italian.

So when your ride on the Goose is coming to an end and you need that protein for recovery – or even for a cup of coffee before you clip in- take the quick jog off the trail to Pizzeria Prima Strada on Bridge Street. Enjoy the Italian food and ambiance, but drink a toast to Ryder. The Italians will be jealous.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fringe Fest begins August 26

Fringe Fest is an 11 day juried international theater festival featuring 40 comedy, drama, dance & spoken word companies from around the world! Haven’t been to the Fringe before? Don’t worry! The hardest part is choosing what you want to see.

One of our favorite events? FringeKids (August 28) - a completely free one-day family festival with live entertainment, music, Fringe Faeries, craft activities, face painting, the life-sized Cardboard Castle for small artists to paint and an inflatable bouncy bunny! Families are encouraged to bring new school supplies to donate to the Single Parent Resource Centre. Mark your calendar!

As a Fringe Friend, you'll receive 15% off @ PPS Bridge Street. Stop by after the show with your Fringe Visa to receive your discount.

Begin Fringing now! http://victoriafringe.wordpress.com/

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Prima Profile #2

Tomoko Inoue is passionate about Southern Italian food, but mostly about pizza. Tomoko has travelled the world, eating pizza. Yep, a woman to be admired and respected! While studying English in Canada, she discovered our call for talent on craigslist. She sent us a note and a You Tube link! We knew who she was immediately when she arrived at Cook Street! Sunday, August 4, a memorable date indeed. After making a few calls, completing a few forms, she officially came to work with PPS!

Q. How long have you been with Prima Strada?
A. About 2 years

Q. Where is your hometown?
A. Kanagawa(near Tokyo), Japan

Q. What's your favorite restaurant/food item in your home town?
A. Fresh soba (buckwheat noodle) at Nagoya & Aburi toro at Tama sushi

Q. What is your favorite pie?
A. I want to say my favorite is the perfect crust, not about toppings on Neapolitan pizza! When the cornicione is beautiful with lots of air bubbles charred, I feel so happy.

Q. What's your ultimate comfort food?
A. My mom's tempura or a cinnamon bagel

Q. Current favorite wine/beer or drink?
A. I ostensibly quit drinking 18months ago... but the beautiful summer makes me enjoy patio sippers:> like rose wines (Averill Creek, Prospect winery etc..), homemade sangria, frozen plum sake..

Q. If you could go one place for a week all expenses paid, where would you go?
A. Bora-Bora Island, Tahiti. I would fly in the business class, of course. I'd like to stay in an overwater bungalow, just relax getting massage at spa everyday...

Q. Best part about being with Prima Strada?
A. Making Neapolitan pizza in Canada, this is a great part in my life. I was supposed to work only for a while, but am still being here:> Which is because people are very kind to me. And I can experience a lot of things as making dough, working for the mobile oven, using ingredients which I haven't seen in Japan. Thanks team PPS!

photo - Tomoko at work at PPS Bridge Street, credit - Deddeda Stemler

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The only thing missing...is YOU!

Although it feels like summer has just arrived, it will be gone before you know it. Now is the time to start thinking about seasonal parties at Pizzeria Prima Strada Bridge Street. Be it a smaller reservation for you and your office mates or a no holds barred, dual pizza oven bonanza, we are looking forward to celebrating the (coming sooner than you think) season with you. Call Andrew today to book your event at 250-590-4388 or email at andrew@primastrada.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Free B 2010 - Movies Under the Stars

If you haven't yet expereinced movies under the stars, it's not too late. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the Victoria Film Festival has a great line up of fliks and has added Centennial Square as a second venue (the first is Cameron Bandshell @ Beacon Hill Park).

Gamera the Invincible, Pink Panther, The Thin Man - what are you waiting for? We suggest you stop by Pizzeria Prima Strada Bridge or Cook Streets for your dinner on your way to the movie. We'll even lend you a picnic cloth.

For more info, visit


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Buon Due Anniversario Prima Strada

Wednesday August 4th marks the 2nd anniversary of PPS Cook Street. Channel your inner Italian & Canadian and say, "Due Eh" for two.

Stop by Cook Street on Wednesday, wish us Buon Due Anniversario and we'll toast together with a prosecco cocktail. Bravo!
visit www.pizzeriaprimastrada.com