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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pizzaioli, pronounced pizza ee o lee, is the plural of pizzaiola (feminine) and pizzaiolo (masculine).

Exactly how is PPS shirt made?

Step 1 - the design and specifications for screen printing
Step 2 - laying out the image and getting the screen set-up
Step 3 - printing! pulling the ink across the design and onto the t-shirt

The finished product!

Thanks to our favorite former pizzaiolo Lucas Copplestone at LJCArt in Sidney for such great work!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Buon Anniversario Bridge Street

Tuesday, February 15 marks the 1st anniversary of PPS Bridge Street. Primo Pizzaiolo Alex How has created a few dinner specials to celebrate the occasion! Come for one of Alex's specials or for your favorite pie and your first glass of prosecco is on us!

Pizze - clams, tesa (Italian bacon), panna, red onion, chilis and garlic for $16

Primi - grilled stuffed squid with tomato and soffritto for $10

Dolci - caramelized lemon tart for $8

Join us in celebrating this special day! As my Nonno would say, "Molto especiale!"
visit www.pizzeriaprimastrada.com