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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Biciclette in Italia e Victoria

The Italians seem to be in love with bicycling. Just take one look on a Saturday or Sunday on the Via Cristoforo Columbo loop out of Rome to Ostia and back. Custom bikes from all over Italy pack the road.

But most Italians haven’t been to Victoria where, indeed, biking seems to be even more prevalent. And you’ll never find the Galloping Goose or Lochside trails in Rome.

And guess what? This year, in the world’s marquee bike race, the Tour de France, Victoria’s own Ryder Hesjedal finished in 7th place. Not only is this an amazing athletic feat in itself, but he placed higher than any Italian.

So when your ride on the Goose is coming to an end and you need that protein for recovery – or even for a cup of coffee before you clip in- take the quick jog off the trail to Pizzeria Prima Strada on Bridge Street. Enjoy the Italian food and ambiance, but drink a toast to Ryder. The Italians will be jealous.

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