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Monday, September 26, 2011

Why can't every weekend be Rifflandia?

Those people who made it to the four day festival know exactly what I'm talking about. We proved that there's more to Vancouver Island than giant trees and beautiful beaches. There are also a lot of seriously cool people who love to have a great time! It made me proud to be an Islander and I couldn't be happier that Prima Strada sponsored such an amazing event.

The Prima Strada mobile pizza oven was a part of the action at Royal Athletic Park. We were perfectly sandwiched between WannaWafel and Pig (not bad, right?) and had an unobstructed view of the mainstage! After Kurt, Matt and I got the tent set up, the sun broke through. (I actually heard someone asking for sunscreen!) It was the ultimate weekend for an outdoor festival in Victoria.

Of course, many people took the opportunity to dine al fresco. What could be better than listening to Mother Mother and eating a Margherita?

A couple lucky Facebook and Twitter followers got a free Prima Strada bandana. Check out Bridge Street regular Chris rocking his bandana in the beer garden. Looking good, Chris!

The best part about Rifflandia was that there were so many different venues. Although the usual haunts hosted concerts, this was my first time going to the Phillips Brewery for a concert and it was amazing! I got there just in time to see KO put on an amazing show for the near capacity stage/loading dock set up. And for a day that started off pouring rain, Sunday quickly became my favourite. The sea of afternoon partiers grooved to De La Soul as a final farewell to Rifflandia. The worst part is that I'm already looking forward to Rifflandia 5. Only 364 days and counting! See you all there!

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