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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Prima Strada Gang Goes to Italy: Part 3

After a few days of relaxing and eating gelato, the Italy crew has got to work. First up on their agenda, eating the local pizza. They went to Pizzeria Da Franco in Sorrento to begin.

Da Franco's pizza is not Sorrento style. It's not Napoli style. It can only be described as Da Franco style, with a mix of fresh and smoked mozzarella on every pie. From the pictures it looks like they asked the right locals! Next on the busy To-Do list is visit a vineyard (talk about tough work!) And while Andrew is all business it appears his wife Vanessa has the right idea.
And what trip would be complete without a visit to Caputo, the company that makes the flour we use to make our authentic pizza in Victoria! They meet up with Directorre Eugenio Caputo for the VIP tour.

They all get a hands on lesson on the milling process and watch the bags fill with flour. These are the exact same bags we use in Pizzeria Prima Strada.

And it looks like Enzo just got hired! Head to toe in Caputo gear, he's ready for duty!There's more work to be done, the gang is heading out for pizza in Napoli next. My mouth is watering already...

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