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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tuscany Long Table Recap!

For the last Long Table Dinner of the year, we decided to go big! Tuscany is one of the most recognizable regions of Italy and is well known for its delicious food and luscious wines. This past Wednesday and Thursday we gathered to celebrate, Tuscan-style.
The meal began with a house made Crostino of chicken liver served on toasted bread. The velvety smooth chicken liver was paired with the aromatic white Vermentino by Poggio Morino.
The next course consisted of a hearty vegetable bread soup called Ribollita, which was a perfect companion for the stormy island weather beating at the garage doors. The soup was served with a traditional Tuscan style bread, which is made without using salt. While it is uncertain why the Tuscans did not use salt in their bread, many believe that it is because of a high salt tax. Either way, the end result is a wonderfully crisp crust with a dense, surprisingly sweet interior. This course was paired with a Prima Strada favourite, a classic Chianti by Castiglioni Frescobaldi.

The soup was followed by what was, in my opinion, the best dish of the evening. Pappardelle alla lepre e chanterelle is house made pasta with braised rabbit and chanterelle mushrooms for those of you not fluent in Italian. The tenderness of the rabbit and the meaty quality of our local chanterelles created an unbelievable dish. And not to be overshadowed, the meal was paired with a knockout wine. The Bolgheri DOC from Tenuta Argentiera Donoratico was simply outstanding. After decanting for hours, this wine was one of the smoothest reds I have ever tried.
And finally, the dessert course was a Panforte Senese. Unlike any other cake I have ever had, this can only be described as a pepper cake done Siena style. Full of hazelnuts, candied orange zest and spices, it was both crunchy and chewy with a rich caramel taste. Served with a scoop of gelato, it was the perfect way to end our Tuscan tribute.The Tuscan dinner was our last Long Table of 2011. But have no fear, the Long Table Dinner series will resume on January 25 & 26, 2012! You don't have to wait until January for another special meal at Bridge Street. We are putting the finishing touches on a very special multi-course Italian New Years Eve menu. Details soon.

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  1. Superb details from this Long Table Dinner party! I also host annual family food party to have fun time with them. I always prefer booking domestic LA event venues for my parties but quite soon we might have a family trip too where I would love to host an outdoor bash.


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