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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

think pink for the summer

As the weather warms up, the wine list cools down at the pizzeria.

A new white by the glass from Lake Breeze Vineyards, on the Naramata Bench, http://www.lakebreeze.ca Their Pinot Blanc is consistently the best in the province - lots of lush ripe stone fruit on the palate and a fresh clean finish. This wine is just delicious!

We have had many requests for a Rose. As a lover of most things pink, I agree. For summer and your pink pleasure, we are featuring Wild Goose Blanc de Noir (white from red=pink). The wine is made from Pinot Noir and Merlot grapes, is a fruit forward, dry wine and a great match for anything with a tomato base. Hmmmm....I think there is a bit of tomato on the menu! The Wild Goose has been selling well. Up next will be the Rigamarole Rose. Perfectly paired with all things grilled, or in our case "fired", this is a deliciously simple and easy drinking blush. I will keep you posted on what's next. I can tell you it will be from BC and it will be just as pink!

I haven't forgotten the red wine lovers. We have somethingcoming for you too! From D`Angelo Winery (yes, another great wine from the Naramata Bench) comes their 2005 Sette Coppa - a big Bordeaux style blend. This family owned & operated winery has been making wine for 20 years and has vineyards on both sides of the country, in Penticton and Niagra.

Finally, the beer. Sadly, the Driftwood Porter has run out. Thank goodness for Phillips, another favorite local brewer! Their Longboat Chocolate Porter will be saving the day for all of our dark beer lovers (we know who you are). Same price, same format. For those of you looking for taste without the alcohol content, we now have Warsteiner at $3.50 a bottle.

Have a safe and happy summer and we will see you at the Pizzeria. I'll be there every Sunday.

Salute! -Ceri

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